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4g High Gain MIMO Antenna for Indoor Use - smbWIFI
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4g High Gain MIMO Antenna for Indoor Use

1710 - 2690MHz Dual Polarized Directional Flat Patch Panel MIMO Antenna ANT-D1727VH-9-65 Perfect addition to PC31 4G Router   Frequency Range (MHz) 1710 ~ 2690 Polarization Vertical & Horizontal Gain (dBi) 2x9...
4g LPDA Outdoor Antenna - smbWIFI

4g LPDA Outdoor Antenna

Pronto's ultra wide-band log-periodic dipole array directional antenna is compatible with all 3G and 4G/LTE/xLTE data services from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus, Sasktel, Telcel, Movistar,...

Cellular 4g Lte Antenna, Dipole

Fully Compatible with all SMA connectors on Wifi, 3G, 4G and LTE modems and routers Frequency bands from 700-2900Mhz Recommended use in pairs on LTE modems SMA Male connector with...
$14.00 $9.99
Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector - smbWIFI

Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector

Full Duplex Gigabit speeds supported Use non-PoE switches to network PoE devices at distances of up to 100 meters (328 feet) Save on installation and equipment costs Create an integrated...
$14.99 $9.99