Outdoor 4G MIMO Router with SIM Slot Pronto Networks PP14O is a POE Powered IP65 Rated 4G LTE Outdoor Router with cat-4 4G LTE Module, WIFI and 1 LAN +...


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Outdoor 4G MIMO Router with SIM Slot

Pronto Networks PP14O is a POE Powered IP65 Rated 4G LTE Outdoor Router with cat-4 4G LTE Module, WIFI and 1 LAN + 1 WAN. 300Mbps throughput with 802.11n WIFI. Supports automatic switchover between ISP and 4G. ESD and Surge protection on PCB board.

This outdoor router is designed for rugged deployments. It has IP65 rated waterproof ABS enclosure and withstands extreme weather.
It helps you to receive the most reliable mobile signals in your area. You can also get a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot in the outside yard.


Pronto Networks PP14O series routers are high speed 4G LTE Routers that provide plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises and POS deployments, the PP14O is a versatile solution that offers wired Ethernet and 4G wireless WAN connectivity. Powered by included POE injector and a Cat-4 Cellular Modem, PP14O can be used to connect an external IP Camera or any other IOT device, while giving a WIFI and Ethernet based Internet coverage.


PP14O Router supports 4 ethernet ports and integrated 2.4Ghz radio with data rates of 300Mbps on wireless radio. With high speed 4G LTE wireless connectivity, enterprise can deliver 4G as a primary WAN connection, robust failover or to support M2M technologies.


Modern GUI that provides intuitive experience to configure WiFI, 4G LTE and network parameters. Provides live network and 4G traffic monitoring, simple configuration of URL Filter, Network Services Filter and other firewall features.


  • Point of Sales partners
  • Retail branch sites
  • Work From Home
  • Temporary Pop up stores Kiosks
  • Digital media installations
  • Telemetry and IOT solutions


The PP14O comes with 1- year hardware warranty. For further warranties or details around support packages please contact your Pronto Networks representative

  • Multiple functions as Primary access, failover that support flexible deployment scenarios

  • High speed cat-4 4G LTE for mission critical networking applications

  • Embedded enterprise grade wireless module for business continuity

  • POS transactions and mission critical devices are protected by VPNs, firewalls and security features

  • Create dedicated networks for digital signage & surveillance solutions

  • Automated failover/fail-back

  • Protect LAN clients with advanced encryption, VLANs and segmentation tools

  • Advanced local GUI to manage firewall, VPN and network configuration

Provide reliable and fast 4G and WiFi service with the Pronto Networks PP14O. The Outdoor capable PP14O is a perfect option for RVs, Boats, IP Cameras, Vacation homes, Construction Industries, Business, Remote areas, Residences, and underserved locations. With optional Pronto eSIM, you have full control over your data usage. PP14O can be configured using an intuitive local web interface